Acing the Interview

I get a real kick out of following interesting people on Twitter. One of those is a user called “@TheSuccessKing.” They provide great resources for anybody who is career-minded and entrepreneurial.

They recently linked to an article that highlighted interview concepts and guidelines which can be easily missed by candidates of all levels. It’s a list of 10 rules to live by when interviewing for a job.

Too often, us recruiters find ourselves interviewing candidates that haven’t fully prepared for the interview. Step 1 in this article, which I have always been a proponent of, is to have a compelling story. Tell me about your successes. More importantly, be prepared to talk about your stumbles, but don’t leave them that way. Demonstrate to me how you overcame adversity, and what you learned in the process. Everybody makes mistakes – we just care about how you recovered from them.

Additionally, Step 8 (Sell Yourself) provides a different way to look at another of my recommendations. While the article recommends using USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), I have typically found that to be easier said than done. I tend to be very hard on myself, so thinking of my strengths doesn’t always come very easily to me. I would recommend that you create MSAs about yourself. In other words, what have you Made, Saved, or Achieved in your previous jobs? If you haven’t had a job in the professional arena yet, what about in school, or on projects that you took on by yourself?

Key points? Don’t be afraid to brag in an interview. It’s your chance to set yourself apart from the competition.