What To Do Before You Start Your Project

Bixly has been helping our clients realize their website and application needs for nearly a decade. After all that time, we've learned quite a bit – about ourselves as a company and about how to have a truly successful project. Below are a handful of tips to keep in mind as you plan your project.



Just because it can be built, doesn't mean that it should be. Or even should be right now.

Determine Your Budget

Every new product or business service is an investment. It's an investment of time,  focus,  effort, and ultimately money. The good thing is that if you are truly passionate about your idea, no one will be able to compete with you on time, focus, and effort. Even if someone hears about your idea, they naturally won't have the same passion as you do. Despite your passion, your project will cost money. We almost always recommend our entrepreneurs to be prepared to spend or have funding for a minimum of $30k for a custom application. You may not spend that much in the end, but $30k is a pretty good ballpark to get any app off the ground.

Decide On Your MVP Before You Start

MVP stands for minimum viable product. That means we are looking for the smallest, leanest and yet functional application we can build. It has to be functional to get you off the ground, but it's costing you money, so keep it lean. The goal is to get your idea to start paying for itself as soon as possible. Then, you can reinvest into to it and watch it grow from there.

Feature creep is very common and is very tempting. We have worked with many teams from all kinds of industries. Exposing experts from a variety of professional fields to the amazing capabilities of tech is like setting a child loose in a candy store. There's so much that technology can do and it's amazing... even overwhelming at times! But the question is, should we build that capability? If yes, then do we need to build it now? Is it essential to the MVP?

It's really hard stripping an idea down that you are extremely passionate about. It's like killing off your favorite characters in a novel you're writing! But the culling process helps both you and your users understand the essential core of your business or product. It makes what you offer more valuable in the long run.

Research Your Market

And finally, there are two very important questions that need to be answered before you get started: will people buy it and is there someone already selling it?

The first thing to find out is if this is something that people want. No matter how great you think the idea is, if no one else is interested, it simply won't make a business for you. If it is something that people want, then there may be competitors already providing it. But then again, if the answer here is yes also, that doesn't mean you're completely finished. If you can find a way to offer unique value within the same area of need, you may have good reason to move forward on your project.


Have you answered these questions and more? Connect with us about how to get started on your app!