Bixly: Frequently Asked Questions

If you read the previous article, then you discovered that there are some questions to ask of yourself before you get started on a project. But what about the questions you have of us? Here is a rundown on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Are your developers in California?

Nearly all of our team is in California, with a couple developers in different states and a small dedicated team in the Philippines. We are open to working with any team you consider putting on your project. If one of your requirements is a completely California based team, then we can accommodate that.

Where are you located?

Our main office is in Fresno, which is also where the majority of our development team is located. We also have a satellite office in Orange County.

Can I get an estimate?

If your project has a budget of over $100k, then we can provide a free estimate.

What's the difference between Time and Materials and a Proposal?

Time and materials leaves the management and delivery responsibility on the customer. It can be more price effective, and it makes it easier to pivot your project when needed. The proposal puts that responsibility on Bixly. As a result, price buffers have to be built in, but we always deliver on time.



These may be some of the answers your looking for.

What are your rates?

For time and materials we offer rates on a sliding scale. As your team grows, our hourly rate per developer drops:

  • 1 developer is $135 per hour
  • 2 developers are $120 per hour
  • 4 or more developers are at $109 per hour.

These prices are written into your contract from the start. If you decide to move to a bigger team, these prices are yours–no negotiation necessary!

How does a proposal work?

Proposals are done on a case-by-case basis. We verify that your company meets our standards, then we open a multi-week discovery phase. During this time, we seek to understand your project, ask and answer any remaining questions, define scope, etc. Then we provide you with a timeline and budget. Instead of billing being done on an hourly basis, we bill for milestones. Milestones usually represent about a month's worth of work from the team assigned to your project as well as large sections of your website or application.

How does payment work?

We send and process payment for time and materials contracts every two weeks. If we are working with you based on a proposal, then invoices are sent at the end of each milestone. Automatic payments can be set up should you choose to keep a credit card on file with us. Alternatively, you can submit payment through our online portal with a credit card yourself or via ACH. We also accept checks. 

Do you provide project management?

Yes, a seasoned project manager works on your project for free. In addition to that, you can have access to regular hourly reports with details on what your team is working on every day.

Your contract or ours?

Either way. Our contract is great though! It's been through the wringer with the number of clients we've worked with over the years. It has been nitpicked by lawyers on both sides for fairness. Best of all, it's easy to understand.

Can I get a resume?


Do I get the same developers the whole time?

If you have a project that will take six months or longer, we can lock in your team for you in the contract. Otherwise, we do our best to keep developers on the same project for as long as possible, especially if both parties are happy. Sometimes a switch might need to happen our end, despite our best efforts.

What tech are you familiar with?

Backend: Python, Django, Node, PHP
Frontend: Angular, Vue, React
Mobile: iOS Swift and Objective C, Android Java, Progressive WebApps, Ionic
Server: Linode, AWS, Google Cloud Engine

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out!