Save or destroy your company by building custom business software

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I have built over $10m worth of custom software over the years through Bixly. In that time, I have seen many bright-eyed, tech-minded people with software dreams turn into a sunk-cost standoff. I have seen millions wasted on projects that go nowhere within a company. I have seen professionals brought to financial ruin by making bad decisions for their custom software. This experience has given me hard-won insight into what type of software projects succeed, and why they do.

You might have just received a software bid with a very large number on it, or possibly a very small number from an offshore firm. Maybe you are still considering getting a bid from a software company. Before you jump into this financial commitment, it’s imperative to know which type of software builder you are. This hidden distinction is critical to understand since it defines objectives and helps you set a budget as well as pace expectations for everyone involved. These two categories appear similar but are worlds apart. (more…)

Dallas Visit

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We visit a secret client in Dallas, Texas! Here’s a few pics from the trip:

DSC_0070 DSC_0075 DSC_0053 DSC_0058