Exciting Changes Coming to Tech Tuesday!

If you don’t follow us on Instagram, then you may not know that we have been doing a weekly live show tackling tech topics every Tuesday. That platform has made it easy for us to kick it off and find an audience hungry to learn more about tech and custom software. Starting next month, we are transitioning from Instagram Live, to produced video content. This means we will be able to share future Tech Tuesday episodes here on the blog as well as our other platforms. If you want to get a sneak peek of our new video studio and hear a bit more about our plans you can watch our announcement video!

Tech Tuesday

If you do follow us on Instagram, don’t worry. The same great content will continue to be posted to our IGTV and our feed. We are really excited to make our content even better and more widely accessible to anyone who wants to join in the conversation. See you next week, right here for the next episode! In the meantime, give us a follow on your favorite social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn