by Vana Moua, Sales Executive

Being in the sales department, I respond to a lot of job ads posted on job posting sites and forums. Most people email back wanting a freelance developer on site or within their city limits so that they can have the developer come into their office from time to time. Some will only hire a permanent role and don’t even want a freelancer touching their project. This is all understandable.
What a lot of people don’t stop to think about is the cost associated with not having their project developed while they wait for a hire, not to mention the lost time as well. Either a part or even their whole project is placed on hold waiting to hire an in-house developer or find that freelancer nearby. This is time and money being wasted and could be put to good use getting the project underway – especially if you have a timeline for investors!
What Bixly can offer for those of you in this situation is a developer that is flexible and well trained for these types of projects. We can fill in that empty spot; continue the development while you wait to hire the specific developer you’re looking for. Your project will never have to stop and, along with that, time and funding is not wasted.

1. Supervision: Bixly’s “Prolancing” model guarantees that you have the best developer working on your project and that their work is supervised daily. Unlike freelancers, who can get caught up in multiple projects or can quit on you at any time, Bixly developers focus solely on the client, even If you only need them for a short time before your hire permanently.

2. Quick Onboarding: The ability to get on board quickly is what we are all about. Unlike having to train a newly hired developer, our developers are trained to adapt to your project quickly and proficiently in the fastest amount of time. Their job is simple: work on your project. And once you do hire, simply give us 3 days notice to wind down our work. Your permanent dev can take the project from there!

3. Ticketing & Workflow: Our ticketing system ensures that every penny spent goes into developing your project. For the cost of a part time or “newbie” employee you can get a complete and professional developer here at Bixly who can pave the way for your new hire to pick up the project with full knowledge of what’s been accomplished up to that point.

4. Reduce Overhead: You don’t need to hire an individual developer or team of developers, just outsource a Bixly expert developer. Until you make a permanent hire there won’t be any costs of recruiting, training, furnishing an office, and employee benefits.

5. Knowledge: In many cases, clients work with us much longer than they thought. Our devs often fill in the skill gaps your permanent hire lacks. On the other side of the coin, you may want your permanent hire to work on the most critical or most complicated elements of your project. In the mean time, our developers can be working on other areas and meet in the middle. Bixly developers are well skilled in many different areas and have experience in working on many kinds of projects – experience that can potentially make your project move along faster by filling in the gaps alongside other developers.