Introducing the Friday Roundup!

Here at Bixly we are unabashed nerds, and we’ve found that’s not so rare as you might think. We often share what we’re learning on the side, interesting articles, or engage in techie discussions on slack. We don’t just want to keep these highlights and tidbits to ourselves; we want to share them with anyone else who is curious and interested in this corner of software development… So without further ado, here’s our Friday Roundup!

Amazon’s Outage

Our DevOps team was particularly interested in this piece of news: AWS had some pretty significant outages over the course of Thanksgiving weekend. We shared this article from The Verge. This was of particular interest to us because we host several client projects on AWS, but luckily none of our projects were impacted. We also took a look at this article from The Register about solutions for their problem and Amazon’s own report on the issue. TL:DR AWS upgraded kinesis and exceeded OS configured threading limits, borking the us-east-1 region.

pip Upgrades

If you’re running projects in Python, this is a good one to be aware of. Some automatic upgrades may affect you, so here are three articles to read up on:

Dependency Resolver

Changes to the pip Resolver

Setups to Test with Special Attention

Salesforce buys Slack

Also of note in our chat was the Salesforce purchase of Slack, which is the chat client we use. Many years ago we used Skype and lamented it’s lack up upkeep once purchased by Microsoft and we jokingly worried about the effects this buyout would have on Slack. Hopefully it will be a product we continue to love using!

iPhone Wifi Exploit

We also shared this article about the recent security issues discovered in iOS. For those of you who are interested in cybersecurity, it is definitely an interesting story especially given Apple’s reputation for tight security. Just think about all the devices we could have learned about before Apple events had this been exploited!

Sticker Mule

This one was just for fun, but if you like decorating with your favorite tech stack, Sticker Mule has a fun dollar pack of stickers available.

Managing Your Credentials

One of our developers went poking around the dusty halls of github and found this package for managing your credentials. This spawned some conversation around HashiCorp Vault as well, which provides a total management system of sensitive data.

Product Manager

This article also caught our eye as we have a Product Manager on staff as well. Our team has thought about the various job roles of project manager, product manager, and product owner and how their responsibilities interact. This was an interest look at the product manager role for those interested in the business structure around software development companies.

Data Visualization

Our team also discussed this article on data visualizations. On staff we have a couple of devotees to pandas and the examples here are pretty useful.

Vim as an IDE

This article sparked the most debate among our team. Some felt that having some knowledge of vim is very useful since it’s everywhere but prefered using a proper IDE as potentially taking the time to set up Vim was more effort than it was worth. However, others just prefer VScode. Still others don’t prefer IDEs in general due to the visual clutter, relating it to Steve Job’s famous quote about phones right before the iPhone came out: The plastic keyboard is always there even if you don’t need it. However everyone agreed that IDEs are the best way to go when debugging. Overall the article does have some helpful examples if you want to set up Vim this way and our chat made some additional suggestions linked below.


Emacs porcelain for Kubernetes

Modern IDEs vs Vim and Emacs

Vim configured as an IDE

Vimium C


So this is what the Bixly team has been chatting about this week! I hope you found a few useful links among them.