Meet Cris!

If you’re one of our clients, you’ve certainly spent a lot of time talking with Cris. As Chief of Staff, Cris fulfills a hybrid role. Internally, he’s the head of our administrative team. Externally, he ensures that all client relationships run smoothly. 

Cris Venegas

When you start a project with Bixly, you get introduced to Cris right away. He takes the time to thoroughly understand your project and its goals. Together with Cody, our Director of Project Management, he determines the team that’s going to be the perfect fit for your project. At the kick-off meeting, Cris transitions you to a live project, explains the lines of communication, introduces you to Cody and your development team, and ensures everyone is on the same page. He gets your project productive from day one.

From there, Cris will oversee your project and is available for any questions or concerns. Do you need more developers? Are you winding down production? Have a question about your invoice? Need more transparency into project goings-on? Cris is there to connect with you about ANYTHING at ANY TIME. (Seriously, this guy is a vampire. Works at like 3am. He will take your call then.)

Cris has been an integral team member with Bixly for years. He was one of the first administrative staff founders Adam and Nick brought on! He has done everything from project management to sales to account management. That means he has the experience to be familiar with how everything runs at nearly every level. And that’s why he’s the perfect resource for you.