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Project Management

Get to Market, Get to Cash

The importance of getting to market fast centers around first, getting user feedback and continue to remain on target to serve customer needs, and...


Is Programming Dead?

In this episode we discuss Low Code and No Code solutions that are available. What are they good at? What are their limitations? Are they going to...

Project Management

This is How Your Project Can Fail

We have done a lot of custom software and we have seen these mistakes done (we’ve even made a couple of them ourselves — oops!) So learn from our...


Prototyping, User Stories, and Milestones

In this final episode, we review the final items included in the roadmap: your prototype, user stories, and milestones. All this culminates in a...

Project Management

How to Deal with Employee Turnover

Tech is known for employee turnover, but add to that Covid and work from home opportunities, and we’ve seen the rates of turnover expand even more....


User flow, Wireframes, and Designs

This episode highlights some of the most exciting parts of project roadmapping: seeing your app come to life through the user flow, wireframes, and...


Do You Need a Website or a Web App?

Aaron Marquez is with us in the studio again as we discuss the difference between a website and a web app: their different goals, functions, and...


Competitive Analysis and User Stories

In this episode we take a look at the top three closet apps to see where Encapsule fits in the market. We ask ourselves the same question that we ask...


The Mock Project Roadmap

Welcome to a new mini-series where we share a mock project roadmap with you from beginning to end. This is the first of four episodes, and in this...