Some Thoughts to Ponder

I recently spent some time in discussions, chats, and brain-picking sessions with some technologists of different backgrounds and vocations. One theme that seemed to run through was different thoughts on security.

We know that from a demographic standpoint, many technologists believe in a combination of as much personal freedom for themselves, while simultaneously pushing maximum security measures for their own accounts and information. It’s an interesting duality in some ways, but quite logical in many others. After all, we tend to believe in guarding what’s ours from outside intrusion.

However, we may often find ourselves working with a client who doesn’t always have the highest security standards in mind. Sure, standard steps are taken, including SSL connections and the like. However, it would be a smart move to have a serious conversation with your clients regarding the necessity of strong security measures.

While many clients might gloss over the “non-fun” aspects of building their site and online business, they may not realize how deep security should probably run.

I like to use an analogy to share the importance of security with clients. I would ask them if they ever built, or provided insight into, the construction of their home. If not, they very likely have clear vision of what their dream house would be. In that scenario, the vast majority of people find themselves intricately involved in the planning and design of almost every part of the house. They would also spend a lot of time considering security measures in order to protect their family.

I would then transition to compare this to online security. We, as users of technology, particularly in the cloud computing era, tend to store almost our entire lives in the cloud. Even if we don’t realize that we’re opening ourselves up to loss of personal data, we are still exposing ourselves to that risk. Therefore, I recommend urging your clients¬†to pay the same level of close attention to defending their business’s online data and financial security. Just like protecting their family, they would do well to protect their business and customers.