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About Us

Lead Gen for Tech

Lead Gen is all about finding the right fit between a real need in clients and a real solution from your service providers and that’s what we are all...

About Us

How To Nail Your Tech Interview

Tech interviews are often a different animal compared to screening in other industries. The process may take longer and will likely be much more...

About Us

Building a Team with Gender Diversity

At Bixly, it’s important for us to have a culture where any person of any background can succeed on our team. That means cultivating a culture of...

About Us

Meet Cris!

If you’re one of our clients, you’ve certainly spent a lot of time talking with Cris. As Chief of Staff, Cris fulfills a hybrid role. Internally,...

About Us

Hello World! Tales From the Newbie’s Desk

Hey all! My name is Aaron K. and I’m one of Bixly’s newest Front End Developers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this wacky, talented, group of...

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Building the Bixly Team

The topic of a recent meeting was what could be done to further the growth of the tech industry in Fresno. The question was posed to us, “What does...

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Dallas Visit

We visit a secret client in Dallas, Texas! Here’s a few pics from the trip:

About Us

2014 Halloween Party At The Office

Here’s some pics of the 2014 Halloween party that happened at our office. Plenty of dancing and janky costumes.