I love posts about workplaces so I thought I’d share mine and hopefully you’ll share photos of your workplace as well 🙂 I’d love to see them.

Here is my current workplace. Small but just big enough 🙂


What you see is an iMac, my primary machine and where I do most of my work from home. I use both a trackpad and a mouse. Using both means less strain on my hand through repetitive motions.

I have an old iPad, which is used mostly for racing games 😀 but also comes in handy when I design apps and now with the boom of responsive web design, I use it frequently to test websites I make.

There’s also an external hard drive below this old desk, where backups are stored so I don’t lose any of my work.

I use Moleskines for writing and sketching ideas, mockups and wireframes.

You can also notice I use an exercise ball for sitting. I had a bit of a back problem a couple of years ago and since I started sitting on the ball those problems are gone.

So there you have it, my workplace 🙂