Does Facebook Matter?

Social media is considered a vital frontier in multiple facets of business.

Marketing departments utilize social media as a critical part of their outreach. The return on investment can be stellar, since the barriers to entry are relatively low (all you need is a free account to get started). Furthermore, a solid profile and brand strategy can very rapidly boost a company’s visibility, and subsequently boost their revenue from sales.

However, there’s a flip side to the positives associated with marketing a company on social media. When a profile and brand aren’t properly managed, negative publicity will also spread like wildfire, and can deliver a serious negative hit to the company.

How does this apply to your career? According to Forbes, employers and recruiters are reviewing your Facebook profile more than ever. Many job candidates aren’t too thrilled about it, mainly because Facebook is portrayed as a social engine, not a professional one. However, any prospective employer will want to know as much as possible about their candidates.

Look at it this way: your Facebook profile is your personal brand. It’s where many people publicly display the most about themselves, and it’s your chance (along with a great LinkedIn profile) to truly build your personal brand and image in the public sphere. Get it right, and you’ll have another great part of your personal profile secure. Get it wrong, and you’ll find yourself headed the way of the company with a poor brand strategy.