How to Install Pydev in Eclipse and Integrate it with PEP8

I am going to show you simple steps to setup your Eclipse IDE with PyDev. This will help you in your project development to speed things up.

The Steps:
1. Open your Eclipse
2. Go to Help and select Install New Software
3. Click the Add button and a “Add Repository” Dialog box will appear
4. You can use any name you like for it. (I used PyDev)
5. For the location, enter “”
6. Click Ok.


7. You are now in the process of installation. Just wait for it to finish.
8. After the installation, close Eclipse and Open it again.
9. Now that PyDev is installed in your Eclipse, go to Window->Preferences
10. Choose PyDev->Editor->Code Analysis
11. Go to tab
12. Choose the radio button for warning and click Ok.


That’s it. Your Eclipse IDE is now integrated with PEP8. To run automatically, right click on your project editor. Choose PyDev and click “code analysis”. In your problems tab in your workspace, you will see warnings that points to the line that you have made a violation in the PEP8 (if you have violated.)