I think that Spring Roll Monday went well

Hey everyone,

For those of you who didn’t come into the office on Monday, I had a special treat for all those hard workers that did come into the office on a Monday. I brought in some Spring Rolls via request from Adam. I think everyone who joined in had a good time, wouldn’t you say?

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’ll bring in random “Soul Food” from time to time into the office for those who show up into the office that day. It could be at any time and any day of the week but it’s never announced so the more times that you’re in the office then the more chances you’ll get to experience this Bixly exclusive event! I hope this encourages everyone to come into the office more frequently.

Leave in the comment section on what you would want next time for this Bixly exclusive luncheon.

2012-01-30 12.09.19

Jared and Adam racing for the greens!

2012-01-30 12.09.47

Jared adding special “hot sauce” on his spring roll.

2012-01-30 12.10.50

Adam’s getting his Spring Roll action on!

2012-01-30 12.11.55

Dave’s tearing it up!

2012-01-30 12.12.17

I think he’s saying “hello” but I couldn’t tell.

2012-01-30 12.24.44

Nick’s “Monster Roll”. Add everything in large quantities and “Wahlah”!