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We launched Overflow!

Overflow is a way to pay for your drinks in a busy bar. You can see the app here. It’s built in Ionic, using Angular. The back-end is written of...


Controlling Stripe With Python And Rules

Are you interested in controlling Stripe based on rules? Maybe if a customer has been there for so long, they get a discount, or some billing change...

JQuery Client Library

Interested in connecting your jQuery to your Nebri instance? We would like to provide these two helper libraries to kick start your efforts. jQuery...


Marketing Automation With Rules And Events

As you know, there is a HUGE selection of Marketing Automation tools available. I am writing to show you a programmatic approach to accomplish...


Build Event Driven Architecture (EDA) in Python

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is an alternative to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Rather than summarizing the pros vs the cons, I would point...

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Dallas Visit

We visit a secret client in Dallas, Texas! Here’s a few pics from the trip: