Two Projects Shine in the Midst of Covid-19

While headlines have been filled with how Jeff Bezos is even MORE successful during shelter-in-place orders as a result of Covid-19, at Bixly we are finding that many of our software projects are helping too. It’s not just all about Amazon! So this week, we wanted to shine some light on two in particular.

First is a piece of software we are building for kiosks. Now, this project is currently under wraps vis a vis its specifics, but what we can say is that kiosks are a great option to continue serving your customers while also protecting your staff. With proper sanitation procedures between use or even providing disinfecting wipes at each station, customers can still get great service without exposing themselves or others to unnecessary risk.


Some worry that kiosks and other forms of technology are a danger in themselves to our workforce by taking away jobs previously done by people. However, this has ever been a perceived threat of technology, from the earliest form of a ox drawn plow until today. Advances in technology initially “replace” human workers, but in the subsequent years we find that human workers then take on more complex and creative roles, increasing their value and pay scale. Technology actually frees people from doing mindless and laborious tasks so businesses can leverage the unique, creative intelligence that computers are unlikely to replace for a long time.

By the same token, Overflow helps businesses to continue to serve guests while also protecting the health of bar-tenders. As we see bars, restaurants, and cafes open in the coming months, we hope Overflow can be a central part of supporting our economy while also protecting our communities! With Overflow, patrons at bars can order from their phone and pick up their drink at a designated location at the bar without coming into direct contact with bar staff. Apps like these may prove even safer than public-use kiosks, as the only hardware a person comes in contact with is their own phone.

As we look to the future of business and community in the midst and aftermath of Covid-19, we know that the businesses who are able to find creative solutions to the seeming paradox of commerce and public health will be the ones to succeed! We hope to be a part of that journey for you. Don’t hesitate to begin implementing technology in your business strategy. Bixly is ready to start developing your solution today!