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3 Digital Trends for 2023

These are the top three trends that we think will be key in 2023. To be fair, they are not new in 2023 but rather continuations of trends that we...


AI: An Interview with ChatGPT

Robots are taking over! Run!! Wait... that might be an exaggeration.  However, AI or artificial intelligence can be capable of surprising you. ...


Automated Testing Tools

Automation testing is a critical aspect of software development. It allows you to make sure your code works as intended and won't break when someone...


UX for Web 3.0

The term Web 3.0 has been around since the early 2000s, but it has evolved to reflect a wide array of potential applications and approaches. In this...


How To Get User Feedback

The point of an MVP is to get feedback on your idea before you spend all your money. In order to do that you need strategies for collecting user...


Context Processors within Django

Have you ever needed to include the same data on every template within a Django project? I recommend becoming familiar with Django’s custom context...


Do You Need Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce decouples the front and the backend, using an API to connect them, which allows for a variety of applications, third-party...


Your Proof of Concept

A proof of concept is an experiment, test, or early version that validates assumptions. It should contain research to identify the viability of an...


Viewer Request: All About Google Pay

Google Pay is an app that enables users to pay using their compatible phones, watches, or tablets. It's also integrated into Google Chrome.