Teach Yourself Python: 6 Awesome Python Development Tutorials

According to the Popularity of Programming Language Index, the powerful but simple object-oriented programming language known as Python is now the fourth most popular programming language. The Internet is full of excellent resources and learning Python has never been easier.

1. Codecademy

For starters, there’s Codecademy, a popular website that offers free instruction in several computer languages, including Python development tutorials.
The lessons are subdivided into manageable pieces and taught by immersion, meaning the student is actively coding throughout the course.

Codecademy also offers forums where students can ask questions and learn from mistakes.

2. Google

Google also offers python development tutorials in the form of free classes that include video lectures and coding exercises.

According to the website, the course is designed for students who have “just a little” programming experience. It also features a link to a forum for student questions.

3. Learn Python the Hard Way

Though Learn Python the Hard Way may sound intimidating, it is another popular choice among people seeking online Python tutorials. Students can learn for free using the extensive HTML book. If you’re looking for a more detailed experience you can opt to purchase the companion video lectures and complete course for $29 at Inculcate.Me or Udemy.

4. Python.org

Python.org, the official website of the programming language, and the related website LearnPython.org also offer excellent resources and tutorials.
In the case of the latter, a simple and straightforward coding interface is your ticket to jumping right in and learning to code.

The exercises are easy and fun to start with, progressing through more difficult concepts as students demonstrate mastery.

5. Loyola University

Burgeoning programmers will also find a wealth of insight and context in the Python tutorials found on college websites. One of the most direct and engaging is hosted by Dr. Harrington at Loyola University (Chicago).
It begins with installation instructions and goes on to explain why learning Python is good and useful. From there, the exercises progress from simple to complex coding while the lesson text remains readable and informative.

6. YouTube

If video lectures are more your style, YouTube has 71,000 search results for Python development tutorials.

Some of the most promising results include a channel dedicated to learning Python courtesy of RengenMilitia, a number of excellent short and long videos for beginners (like this one from MinecraftArt), and a fascinating series from NextDayVideo including the intriguingly named Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking.

Those are some of the best Python tutorials and exercises out there. Happy programming!