Top Three Insights Why You Should Use Django

There are many options out there for a new project; they come in the form of languages, frameworks, concepts and paradigms. While many of them are good, our experience with over 50,000 development hours has shown us that Django is better.

In a finished product, Django will return a better, faster, more stable and more sustainable result than what many other options can achieve.

We firmly believe that this is the best option for development, and that it is the best option for your project. Below you’ll find our top three reasons why we use Python and why you should, too!

1) Reliability

The strongest reason to use Django for the development of your web application is due to stability and reliability. Django is built on top of the Python programming language, which is renown for its power, simplicity and general readability.

The Python language has been in active development for many years and gains the benefit of countless hours of community involvement. Python’s stability stems from the fact that it has been alive and kicking since 1991; being around for two decades and counting has given it the time to become stable, compared to many recent languages.

New technologies invariably come with bugs, glitches, memory leaks, and other limiting factors, but Python’s vast user group has had the time to iron these out, resulting in an incredibly stable and reliable product.

On top of that, the Python community is very active in the development and continuation of the language. These factors combine to make Python extremely feature rich and on the cutting edge of new technologies. And, despite the length of time Python has been around, developers continue to maintain a high level of standard practices.

Moreover, Django leverages the power of Python and enables it to serve your dynamic content quickly, reliably, and accurately.

2) Flexibility

Many languages used for web development today exist only for that purpose and serve no other function.

This isn’t inherently a bad thing, however it does limit the scope of your production options.

Python is a fully robust programming language—not a scripting language. It has been used for everything from common daily scripts to powerful enterprise applications. Django, for example, is actually an application built using Python.

What this means for development is that your Django-powered website can harness the power of any application that has been designed to work with Python, and use those applications to format, modify, create or improve the content you serve to your users. A good example of this is using the Python Imaging Library to modify images on the fly before they are shown to your users.

3) Ease of Development

Our third major reason why you should use Python is also a major benefit to any developer: code readability.

Essentially, the structure and formatting of Python is very simple to read and very simple to modify. When you have multiple developers working on a project, it can greatly reduce the time of production simply because it takes less time to understand the code presented.

What does this mean for developers? Well, it means that working with external libraries, along with understanding code from colleagues or other development companies becomes much easier. The result is a faster development cycle with better results in the long term.

Where other languages (such as PHP) become a mess of unreadable code over long periods of time, Django’s standards and benefits ensure that down the road your project will still be easy to extend, manipulate and change.

The longer your project lives, and the larger it grows, the more evident these benefits will become, and the happier you’ll be that you chose to develop your application in Python.