Winner of the Puzzle Bobble Arcade Tournament!

After a long month of training and competitive game play, Matt has won the Puzzle Bobble Arcade Tournament. Congratulations Matt! He wins the 7″ Android Tablet, the official Bixly Arcade King crown and bragging rights! Oh hail, Matt, King of Puzzle Bobble!!!



If you missed this tournament, don’t worry, we plan on having another one shortly so that everyone may enjoy the Bixly Arcade here at the Bixly office. So look out on the Bixly Blog for more information.

**A special thanks for Adam Temple for allowing this wonderful even to happen in our offices and for getting us the awesome grand prizes. Another special thanks to Caleb Werner for organizing this even together. Lastly, thanks to those participants who played and participated in this event. Without players, this wouldn’t be possible. KEEP PLAYING EVERYONE!