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Automated Testing Tools

Automation testing is a critical aspect of software development. It allows you to make sure your code works as intended and won't break when someone changes it. This ensures that your code is high quality and that your users have a seamless experience with your site or app.

Automation testing is a critical aspect of software development. It allows you to make sure your code works as intended and won't break when someone changes it. You should always test your code in some way before deploying it to production, but with the help of an automation tool, you can increase how fast and effectively you do this testing. This ensures that your code is high quality and that your users have a seamless experience with your site or app. The DevOps team at Bixly can set up these tools to monitor your code, send you reports, or have our engineering team implement fixes right away.


Selenium is a web automation tool, which means it allows you to write tests in multiple programming languages. The Selenium framework consists of three components:

  • A server that runs your test scripts

  • An IDE or browser that records your actions and sends them to the server

  • A test management tool (e.g., JIRA) where you can specify what tests need to be run

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a cross-platform test automation tool. It is used by organizations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Katalon Studio can be used with Selenium or Appium to create automated tests for web applications.

Katalon Studio has two versions: the open-source version and the paid Enterprise version which offers advanced features like sharing of test scripts across users in an organization and integration with Jenkins CI server platform.

HPE Unified Functional Testing

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a framework for automated testing. It provides a single platform to test all layers of the application, including the presentation layer and business logic layer.

UFT is an open-source test automation tool that can be used to build and execute tests on multiple browsers and operating systems at once. It uses a web-based test automation tool that has a visual drag-and-drop interface with built-in wizards or menus so non-programmers can create automated tests quickly and easily


WorkSoft is a leading provider of software testing solutions that can be used for both manual and automated testing. It's used to test web, mobile, and desktop applications. WorkSoft is also known for its test case management system. Leveraging the platform will allow you to create and manage your tests in one place.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is a test automation tool for web applications. It is widely used by software developers to help them automate their tests. Telerik Test Studio can be installed on Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems with the help of a single installer file.

There is an open-source version available and a commercial version. The commercial version comes with various features such as support for JavaScript testing frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha, and QUnit; integration with other tools like VSTS, Jenkins, etc.; reporting capabilities; cross-browser compatibility, which will help you better manage your automated tests in an efficient manner!


If you're testing web services, SoapUI is another great option. It's an open-source tool that can be used with Selenium and Appium. You can download it for free and use it on your own computer or in the cloud.


TestComplete is a powerful test automation tool for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud applications. It has a proven track record and is used by more than 25,000 customers worldwide. Some of their most recognizable customers include companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon


AccelQ is a cloud-based platform for automated testing. It allows you to create test cases visually, and then run them on your web apps or websites. AccelQ supports multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, Python, and Ruby.


Cypress is a JavaScript testing framework used for end-to-end (E2E) testing, visual regression testing, and cross-browser testing.

Cypress is designed to be compatible with any modern JavaScript application. It’s an open-source tool that helps you write better software by providing a test automation framework that runs your tests faster, more reliably, and more frequently. Cypress works well with any technology stack you may use including: React or Vue.js in combination with Webpack or Babel, AngularJS & Typescript (Angular), Ember.js & Handlebars templates (Ember), jQuery built into your HTML pages alongside vanilla DOM manipulation calls such as document.getElementById().

Automation testing is done with several different tools

There are amazing automated test tools on the market. Each provides immeasurable value to your project and there is no reason to hesitate to leverage this technology. Selenium, Katalon Studio, and Unified Functional Testing (UFT) are just a few examples of automation testing tools.

WorkSoft is another popular automation tool used by organizations to test their software projects. A setup wizard walks you through creating your test cases and then runs them against the application under test (AUT). Once the test cases have been created they can be re-run at any time without needing to make any changes to them.

Telerik Test Studio allows you to write automated tests in C# or Visual Basic .NET using the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). It comes with pre-written code snippets for common tasks such as performing assertions, looping through elements on a webpage, checking values entered into fields on webpages against expected values, and more!

SoapUI uses XPath expressions instead of CSS selectors for navigating around web pages during its tests which makes it very easy for testers who are not familiar with CSS selectors but want to use Selenium WebDriver because it supports more browsers than SoapUI does.

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the most popular automation testing tools. These tools can help you improve your productivity and get more value out of your software development process. It helps your team deliver the best experience to your customers. So, if you’re looking for new ways to automate your testing efforts and you're ready to get started, check out our DevOps packages!

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