Should You Build a Custom Admin?

There have been several projects we have worked on in which a custom admin was either a huge milestone for the project or was the entire project itself. It is impossible to make proper decisions when leading a team and developing a complex project unless you have the proper information in front of you. There comes a point where hunting down the information and gathering it together becomes a task so huge as to prevent managers and team leads from actually being able to execute.

Even still, this may not mean that you need a custom dashboard. There are a lot of project management tools or third-party dashboard generation apps that could work for your needs. There are a couple of diagnostic questions to help decide if it’s time to invest in a custom admin:

  1. Does my admin need to connect to one or more APIs to really see the information I need?
  2. Do I or my staff spend so much time trying to collect the data they need that it prevents us from doing our actual jobs?
  3. Does my admin need to provide different team members with different information?

Organic Certifiers

online dashboardOrganic Certifiers has been working with Bixly to develop and maintain a sophisticated custom admin. They provide certifications and information about what products are certified organic. The data here is complicated. They need access to USDA regulated databases, most of which are accessed through APIs, but some data has to uploaded via CSV. With their admin they are able to issue certificates, send out emails, and generate reports. They are working with a lot of data that’s changing and updating constantly. They are working with strict standards that can change over time. Their clients count on them to be accurate to provide integrity to an industry that is complicated and diverse. This is the type of scenario that requires a custom admin with custom reports for Organic Certifiers to be able to consistently and accurately fulfill their business goals.


Graphs and chartsWe built a custom dashboard for LeadSherpa that made it easy to import data with an intuitive CSV uploader. Perhaps even more important was the layer of complexity from user permissions. In this case their dashboard displays different data and graphs depending on the role within the team. The dashboard for different levels of access reflect what that team member needs to see in order to do their job well. For real estate agents, data centers around their particular leads. For managers, there is data on their team members, including a table of high-scorers. As you begin to encounter scenarios in which data should be included or excluded based on a person’s role within your company, this is another great candidate for a custom admin.

If your project needs a custom dashboard or admin, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have a ton of experience building them.