Hello World! Tales From the Newbie’s Desk

Hey all!

My name is Aaron K. and I’m one of Bixly’s newest Front End Developers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this wacky, talented, group of people for about three months now, and have learned a lot from my time here.  From the moment I walked in for my interview and saw the whole staff huddled around four TVs and Xboxes, smashing controller buttons and barking orders at each other, I knew I would love it here.

In my short time here, I have gained an immense appreciation for Bixly’s ideologies and culture. As the local noob, I’m presented with a unique opportunity to look upon Bixly with a fresh pair of eyes and offer up some juicy insider info (and also, it couldn’t hurt to get some brown-nosing in). Allow me to share what I think are three of the greatest things about Bixly (so far):


1. Trust from management

One of the things that I learned quite quickly was that the management was willing to put a lot of trust on me fairly early on. In meetings, my opinion is always asked for and my suggestions listened to, which is something that startled me at first. As a junior developer, I wasn’t expecting to have my input considered so early on, and that trust has helped to develop my confidence as a developer.

2. An atmosphere that promotes continual learning

Perhaps my all-time favorite thing about Bixly is that they have developed a strong atmosphere of learning. Whether it’s just chatting around the office about the latest web tools, bantering about design choices on our favorite web sites, or learning a new technology for our latest project, the scholarly spirit is thick in the air. We also have our biweekly “Learn-30’s”, where at the end of the day one of the team will put on a mini lecture on the topic of their choice, which helps to foster interdisciplinary learning.

3. Fostering company pride by developing a strong culture

Bixly has done a remarkable job of developing an inviting, engaging, and passionate culture. From champagne Thursdays, to halo nights, to gathering for drinks at a local bar, it was apparent to me from the get-go that Bixly takes its culture seriously. I think this is especially successful for not only improving the troop’s morale, because staring at code all day can be mentally exhausting, but also because it instills a sense of company pride in us. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store at Bixly!