Leveraging Blockchain

Bixly has partnered with an excellent company called QubeChain on a couple of projects that are actively leveraging blockchain technology. Recently, Bixly CEO Nick Wortley met up with We Are LA Tech to talk about it . There are two major projects that we are excited to discuss on this particular occasion.

Listen to the podcast here!

The Blockchain Secures Your Medical Records

HIPPA compliance is important. And I, for one, am glad that measures are in place to keep my personal medical information out of the wrong hands. But sometimes it’s extremely inconvenient to get that medical information into the RIGHT hands. Currently, your medical records can exist online. Generally, Microsoft Health Vault is providing the HIPPA compliant servers with all the controls necessary to ensure your records are secure. And your doctors can submit new information. But getting that information back out can be tricky.

This is where the blockchain comes in. With the upcoming application QubeVault, you will now have three factors of authentication which will allow you to share or revoke access of your own medical records. The first two are password and fingerprint. The third is a key installed on your device that syncs with the blockchain.

Now, when you need to get a new pair of glasses, providing your prescription to the stand at the mall can be as easy as temporarily providing access to that particular record, instead of being in Nick’s shoes of having to drive back and forth for a simple piece of paper.


Making Your Coins Liquid

The second application we are working on in partnership with QubeChain makes your coin much more liquid. Right now, it’s expensive and time consuming to get the money you’ve invested in Bitcoin back out… to, you know, actually spend it. There are transactional fees and a minimum of a 10-minute wait as the transaction gets written on a block.

With this new application, QubeWallet, which we are starting to integrate first with travel sites and then will be expanding if it continues to work well, you can simply buy a prepaid debit card from Mastercard with your coin. In less than 30 seconds you have a card number, expiration, and security code to use for any purchase.