Pitching Django To Your Manager

Luckily we run into people that have already made the decision to use Django even before calling in, but you might not be in that boat. How do you convince management to use Django in this case? Here are some strong points you can add to your case:

1. Django is purposefully kept simple

You will see many frameworks on the web that experience major feature creep. Django avoids most of that by way of their app architecture. If a community member or yourself wants to share something with the Django community, it’s done as a package, which keeps the core clean and optimized.

2. Thousands of Django packages are available

Generally if you come across a development task that you suspect has been done thousands of times before, there will be an app for it. Like using OAuth, managing uploaded media, interfacing with popular image libraries and more. Don’t fall under the impression that your application is easy to build because software is generally never easy. It can be made easier though if you pick the right platform.

3. It’s built on Python, and Google believes in Python

Python is one of the major languages used when Google is building…Google. It’s a well documented fact, but I also have first-hand experience, since they commissioned us for a Python application at one point.

4. Python developers are easier to find than PHP

Well, that’s actually not the whole truth. PHP hackers are easier to find than Python hackers. We know from experience, though, that quality Python developers are easier to come by than quality PHP developers, for example. It’s funny because most people in our company have programmed with PHP at one point, but after working with Python opt not to ever go back.

Insider secret here: I have never cared which languages the developers know when they come to work for us. A great developer that is willing to learn Python is worth 10 “alright” developers that already know Python.

Regardless of winning the argument or not, you should encourage management to experiment with various platforms and consultancies to see which technology and provider can best meet your needs. I recommend testing a few different companies for your first project phase and picking your favorite. It’s obviously more expensive up front but it can pay huge dividends in the long run.