Automation Software List: Event Driven/IOT/Workflow/Rule Engines

Notice: This article is maintained for historical purposes. The Bixly Automate/Nebri OS platform that Bixly built, and this article features, is no longer available. Checkout Serverless Providers as an alternative.

Here’s a huge list that I will try to keep updated. It contains software/tools that have reach some degree of usefulness and/or buzz in the Event Driven Architecture/IOT/ Workflow Automation/Orchestration/Rule/Workflow category. It’s not exhaustive but should give you some alternative tools to consider. It doesn’t include BPM specific tools since there are plenty of other lists for them. Plus modern BPM hurts my face.

Integration Platforms

Run code with an HTTP call. No provisioning. No deployment.

Open Source ESB, SOA, REST, APIs and Cloud Integrations in Python

Put the internet to work for you.

Workflows. Automation. DIY. Resilient. Secure. Always On.

Event-driven development platform. Create complex (Python) rules to interact with People and API’s. is an Edge and Cloud platform for Internet of Things solutions.  (Now focusing on accounting) is the easiest automation gateway for online Apps.

Make your work matter. Automate your workflow.

Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

Take the control of your data with this opensource clone of IFTTT, a bridge between your internet services.


Workflow Automation Software

Workflow Automation. Graphically Designed.

An open source system to orchestrate teams of experts and machines on complex projects.

StackStorm is a powerful automation tool that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps.

A Platform For Saas and IoT Integration

Our platform makes it super easy for business users and developers to quickly build workflow applications


Hardware With Platforms(IOT)

The OpenSensor Cloud Platform and the WunderBar enable you to easily develop applications for the physical world.

Smart home controller. Computer for the coffee table.

Control and monitor your home from one simple app.

Connected dongles and base station

Particle offers a suite of hardware and software tools to help you prototype, scale, and manage your Internet of Things products.

Control your whole living environment with a single app.

An open IoT system which allows easy control over multiple microcontroller-powered devices


Specializing in home automation

A vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home

This project has been created with the sole purpose to make home automation available to everyone

Domogik is a modular open source home automation solution based on xPL

MisterHouse is an open source home automation program


A climate control revolution. flair is a reimagining of how your hvac system should work.

The control panel for your home.

Advanced, versatile home automation software that’s easy to install, use and understand today, with countless possibilities for tomorrow!

A flexible framework for the smart home


Specializing in IoT

IOT Platform

Ubidots is a codeless IoT Platform designed to help you prototype and scale your IoT projects to production

Orchestration and automation for the enterprise internet of things.

Loop is a fast, secure, scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects your devices/machines, and helps you gather valuable insights.

In API-first Internet Of Things platform

IoTivity is an open source software framework enabling seamless device-to-device connectivity to address the emerging needs of the Internet of Things.


Frameworks/Libraries/Low Level Tools

Sorted, distributed key/value store is a robust, scalable, high performance data storage and retrieval system.

Prova is an economic and efficient, Java JVM based, open source rule language for reactive agents and event processing.

The godfather of all rules engines.

WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is an open source, multi-platform framework (message oriented middleware) written in ANSI C++, designed to enable (smart) home automation.

Pyke introduces a form of Logic Programming (inspired by Prolog) to the Python community by providing a knowledge-based inference engine (expert system) written in 100% Python.

.NET business rule engine and application logic framework

Next generation robotics framework with support for 36 different platforms


CEP/Rule/Decision platforms

A rules engine on top of Drupal

A business logic integration platform

Decision Management System

Deliver decision-making expertise in powerful, web-based applications that can be shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

StreamBase’s products include StreamBase LiveView™ and StreamBase Complex Event Processing (CEP), in addition to connectivity to over 150 data sources and an ultra-low latency FIX engine.

The fastest XML-based ASP.NET and MVC business rules engine

Open source middleware platform that’s unleashing enterprise business innovation.

The most developer-friendly service bus for .NET


Uber Enterprize

Parallels Automation accelerates creation and delivery of unique cloud services bundles through multiple sales channels, streamlines service provider operations…

The open system architecture covers the entire production process and offers maximum interoperability across all automation components.

Enhancing Business Productivity with Next Generation Application Development & Data Connectivity

Fully orchestrate complex services across business, application and infrastructure layers.

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA) is an IT systems management platform that automates IT tasks including provisioning of IT assets and applications

Extreme Form gives you powerful integrated workflow options.

Windows Workflow Foundation


Big Data Analysis

This fits in the list since Rule engines compliment and interact with Big Data.

Detect the anomalies in real time. Analyze the behavior of millions of logs and metrics of any type from any data source.


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