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How To Get User Feedback

The point of an MVP is to get feedback on your idea before you spend all your money. In order to do that you need strategies for collecting user feedback.

We talk a lot about the power of MVPs in our blogs. The key emphasis is that the purpose is to get feedback on your idea before you spend all your money on something that may or may not work. Well in order to do that you need strategies for collecting user feedback. Here are just a few ways to do just that.

1. Live Chat

Live chat is a great form of communication with individual customers. You can often get feedback while the experience is recent for the user. You can also infer valuable UX feedback from the types of questions and requests they make. For example, if you notice that many users have a hard time with a specific area, task, or feature within your site or app, it might be time to make a UX review of that area. 

2. Social Media

While OG marketing research firms may lament the non-scientific method of leveraging social media, no one can deny its power to connect us with your customers and users. It is important to take feedback, especially in this context, with a grain of salt, as the most positive and most negative feedback tends to get amplified. Nonetheless, social media is one of the most accessible forms of communication your customers have access to, which means they are more likely to use it. Don't sleep on social media.

3. NPS

Even if you don't know Net Promoter Score by name, chances are you have filled out one of these surveys. It includes a single question, which asks how likely you would be to recommend your product or service on a scale of one to ten. A score of seven or higher indicates they are a promoter of your product. Since the survey is simple and low effort on the part of the respondent, this is frequently included in the footer of a website or in a pop-up in apps that appear after a certain interval. If you want further information, you can ask a follow-up question like, "Why did you choose that score?"

4. Point of Conversion Survey

Like live chat mentioned above, the point of conversion survey is effective because you are able to capture your customer's feedback in the moment. The experience is fresh and the feedback is often clear. These surveys are also often simple, one-question affairs that are low effort on the part of the customer. At the end of the day, we never want the desire for feedback to impede the functioning of your website. So it's important to be judicious in their application without neglecting these opportunities for gathering data.

5. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Another quick and easy survey to implement in your site or app is a customer satisfaction survey. These are a great follow-up, especially in the context of a help desk ticket or at the end of a support live chat. From a user's perspective, the help desk or customer support chat may be the only human contact they have when interacting with your software. This makes it a flashpoint, for either success or disappointment. A customer satisfaction survey can give you very important information as a result.

6. Observe Users

While surveys are important, customers aren't always able to articulate their thoughts. In fact, their behavior may reveal even unconscious responses to your product. We talked about observing bartenders interacting with the Overflow app in our case study and blog. When you have an idea for a piece of software, then you spend months talking about it, planning it, and building it, it is extremely difficult to put yourself in the mindset of someone who is encountering it for the first time. It's easy to develop blind spots to sticky UX issues in your product. To you, it may seem so obvious, but it's because you're coming to the interaction with months of context for the product. It is wise to investigate these areas of your product.

These are just a few ways to get important user feedback on your MVP and beyond. There are tons of helpful tools on the market that allow you to implement surveys, record user sessions, and more. 

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