Document Automation – Can it be customized?

Notice: This article is maintained for historical purposes. The Bixly Automate/Nebri OS platform that Bixly built, and this article features, is no longer available. Checkout Serverless Providers as an alternative.

Document Automation
Document Automation

We at Bixly are excited with the progress of Automate and would like to share some of our challenges and conquests along the way. Bixly Automate is a very flexible and scaleable BPM. One process we are building with Automate works directly with multiple attorneys in many different areas and they had a specific problem that required high level document automation. Because the legal industry requires careful and specific handling of documents, programmed automation can be a great solution to inevitable human error. In many cases the firm’s reputation is linked to their competence in such matters.  

Their question was how do we securely disperse legal documents to multiple recipients and gather multiple legal signatures. Oh and by the way, can we automate the document process to reduce human error along with saving time and money? Of course they also need reporting and accountability. There wasn’t an existing solution that met the client’s needs without shifting to a different document platform and affecting their process and causing major disruption.

As we demo processes we have built for clients, we often get managers excited to dream even bigger – or smarter– with their automation process. In this case, Automate was already handling data inputs, converting them into PDFs (using their specific form template), and uploading it to their cloud file sharing program. Then they realized, not all of the data inputs would be strictly standard. The current form asked for witness information related to a case. But what if there were multiple witnesses? Could Automate help with that?

At first our client was suggesting we create a whole second process with two different forms. The downside was that it put us in a position of simply hoping that the multiple witness form had enough slots. Basically, it wasn’t flexible enough. Could Automate create dynamically flexible PDFs while maintaining the original template appearance and structure?

In a word, yes. Fifteen development hours later, Automate can now populate as many data fields as any particular situation needs, convert it to a PDF in the template styling, and continue with the process as before. Clients can have any number of witnesses with notifications, accountability and automation! This was all done using the client’s preferred tools and process. Needless to say they were ecstatic with the results, especially those who would normally have to use multiple templates, type (or write and scan) the data by hand, and move the documents around themselves!

Custom BPM, created at a good value is what Automate is all about. We believe that BPM software should help your company accomplish its objectives, not for a company to conform to the BPM. Let us demonstrate how Bixly Automate can help your organization.