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The Benefits of QA and Software Testing

Software testing and quality assurance are sometimes difficult to convince clients to invest in on a time and materials basis. QA will have an...


Upgrade Your DevOps

Implementing a robust DevOps department can be intimidating since DevOps can have broad cultural as well as business implications for your day-to-day...


6 Benefits of a Cloud IT Infrastructure

As promised, we are back with an episode all about the benefits of using a cloud infrastructure. If you missed our previous episode about having an...


6 Benefits of an On-Site IT Infrastructure

There are specific circumstances under which having your servers and your whole IT infrastructure on-site is necessary. For those cases, there are a...


Supercharge Your Development Team with DevOps

DevOps is a powerful tool in custom development. It’s ideal for medium to large software teams working on projects that need speed as well as code...


Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code is the idea that we can apply similar practices from version control systems to your infrastructure. The benefits? Visibility...


What to Think About Before You Go Viral

Getting the balance right on being prepared to scale your project but not being overly prepared (i.e. wasting money on excessive hosting) can be...


Stress Testing versus Load Testing

These two types of testing are similar but answer two different questions about your project: how does it perform under normal circumstances versus...