At Bixly, we are thoughtful about cultivating a virtual environment for our clients and team-members to organize, monitor, and collaborate on development. The newest major enhancement to our project management structure is the adoption of Assembla as a tool to improve the way that Bixly develops for our clients. Over the past few months, we have been introducing current projects to Assembla’s easy-to-use and practical Space, breathing fresh air into development.


One of Assembla’s most convenient and valuable attributes is its capability at being a common place for project team-mates to attain information necessary to development. Files can be loaded on the Assembla Space for easy access.


Time-logging in Assembla, specific to tickets, keeps you aware of hours being spent. Team-assignments are made clear. Advancement of a specific task’s journey to completion is visible at any moment as our developers make progress.


For large task-lists, it’s all-to-easy for a project to lose its precision, drowning in an overwhelming pool of tickets. With Assembla, the simple drag-and-drop Cardwall keeps features prioritized. The success of your project is contingent on keeping the most essential and crucial tickets on the top of the list, and the following tasks in the proper order.

The cardwall is magic. It provides a single view for the entire team, and that’s important. Each member understands what they are expected to do, and what they can expect others to do.¬†¬†Fancier project tools often overlook having a locked-in, unified view such as the cardwall.

Whether you’re a new client starting or your project has been transferred to Assembla , we hope that you notice practical benefits from this management tool. We welcome your feedback on how Assembla is assisting you in development. Tell us what you think. If you’re wanting to further educate yourself on how to navigate and utilize Assembla, please ask your Bixly Project Manager to guide you through its features. We’d be happy to be of assistance.