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Project Management

Protecting Your Customer's ROI

We believe our customer's success is our success. Here are a few ways we protect our customer's ROI.

Project Management

5 Ways to Invest in Professional Development

Here are five ways that we invest in our team. Some of these are specific to engineers, but they are still great examples of how to grow your team.

Project Management

Making Data-Driven Decisions for Your Product

Using data to inform your decisions for maintaining and improving your app is key. The best way forward is listening to your customers and ensuring a...

Project Management

Avoid These 6 Startup Mistakes

In this episode, we highlight 6 mistakes that startups frequently make. Hear our advice on each of these issues, and know you’re not alone! Bixly...

Project Management

6 Steps to Adopt New Tech Seamlessly

Have you ever introduced a new tool or software only to have few people use it while spending thousands of dollars? You know you need to implement...

Project Management

Have A Great Relationship with Your Software Team

Let’s talk about how we collaborate across industry lines: Bixly bringing tech and software expertise and our clients bringing their own industry...

Project Management

Get to Market, Get to Cash

The importance of getting to market fast centers around first, getting user feedback and continue to remain on target to serve customer needs, and...