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Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit is a measure of how well your product meets the needs of your customers. When your product fulfills a need, you have a sustainable...


The Complete Guide on Project Scope

The Project Scope defines the deliverables, deadline, and may include an estimated budget. It is a document that encompasses what both parties have...


Engineers Recruit the Best Engineers

One of the business skills that Bixly has honed over the years which has been essential to our business is finding amazing talent.


A Comprehensive Guide to Risk Assessment

Software risk assessment is the process of identifying and measuring risks to your software project. There are two main categories of risk: that...


What You Need to Know for RevOps

Implementing RevOps has been a critical strategy for companies focusing on growth. What is RevOps? It is the synchronization of SalesOps,...


Different Ways to Scale Your Team

As your product and team grow, the need to strategize that growth will become inevitable. This week we are focusing on a few different ways our...


What is a Fractional CTO?

The CTO is a key role that sits between business and technology: the person who identifies how to translate business requirements into tech product...


Draftbit Review

This week we review the low-code solution, Draftbit. Draftbit is our personal favorite platform on the market. Let's see the pros, the cons, and...