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5 Micro Interactions to Improve Your App's UX

Five micro-interactions that the touch screen of mobile devices makes available to you and which can drastically improve the UX of your mobile...


Dark UX

Dark UX is the use of UX cues to nudge the user to take actions within your site or app that the company wants them to take, but which they don't...


UI/UX Web Design Trends of 2022

One dollar investment in UX renders an average return of $100. Let's take a look at key UI/UX trends that you should consider for your web project.


Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Here are nine reasons you need a site redesign. If you have even one (especially number 9) you should really consider a site redesign. And don’t...


User flow, Wireframes, and Designs

This episode highlights some of the most exciting parts of project roadmapping: seeing your app come to life through the user flow, wireframes, and...


Competitive Analysis and User Stories

In this episode we take a look at the top three closet apps to see where Encapsule fits in the market. We ask ourselves the same question that we ask...


What is UI and UX?

Aaron and Cris discuss the definitions of and differences between UI/UX. They also discuss why starting your project from a user’s perspective is...


How to Plan for App Accessibility

Whether it’s considering users who may be differently abled or even the user’s unique experience with the app, such as wearing gloves or goggles or...


You Need Wireframes for Your App

Wireframes are among the best and cheapest tools for refining and defining your app idea. They can often be a great place to start getting feedback...