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Let’s say you wanted to provide third-party application support for your web application. You’ll probably make an app that handles API calls, set up...



Search is an essential tool for any website, and is a feature often requested by both site owners and users. While the built-in Django QuerySet...


django-articles and DISQUS

Django-articles (articles) is a fully-featured blog engine. This is useful for those who wish to set up a blog that’s tightly coupled to an existing...


django-filebrowser and grapelli

Django-grappelli provides a revamp of the existing Django admin look and feel. In itself, it simply makes your site look better—you’ll need this in...



There is also an easy way to sort tabular data this time using django-sorting (https://github.com/directeur/django-sorting). Setup is described in...


django-dilla: Uber-cool DB spammer for Django

I remember one of my Django projects wherein I was asked to populate the database with 30k dummy rows of data. So what I did was to find myself a...


Showpy Episode 4: Django Piston

Django Piston is a tool that creates API’s on the fly from your Django projects.  Ryan gives us an overview with examples in this screencast.


Showpy Episode 4: South

South, the Django database migration tool, has been critical for recent projects. Ryan put together this presentation so we can better understand it....


Showpy Episode 2: BlingNode

Nick gives us a quick run-through of Blingnode. This is a free Django environment setup tool that makes quick work of Django and collaberative tools...