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Project Management

Have A Great Relationship with Your Software Team

Let’s talk about how we collaborate across industry lines: Bixly bringing tech and software expertise and our clients bringing their own industry...

Project Management

Get to Market, Get to Cash

The importance of getting to market fast centers around first, getting user feedback and continue to remain on target to serve customer needs, and...

Project Management

This is How Your Project Can Fail

We have done a lot of custom software and we have seen these mistakes done (we’ve even made a couple of them ourselves — oops!) So learn from our...

Project Management

How to Deal with Employee Turnover

Tech is known for employee turnover, but add to that Covid and work from home opportunities, and we’ve seen the rates of turnover expand even more....

Project Management

How to Manage a Blended Team

We’ve had fully remote teams and blended teams over the years. Hear some of our insight into managing remote and co-located teams: how to build trust...

Project Management

The Roles of Your Tech Team

We’ve talked about a few of the tech roles in the past, like project managers or product owners, but today we take a look at the team overall. What...

Project Management

Why Programmers Get Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is the feeling like you’re a fraud and a little bit of fear that the “real” experts around you will somehow figure it out. It can...

Project Management

How to Effectively Use Tech in Your Business

In a world of endless SaaS and web apps, it’s easy to have dozens of apps powering your business that may start to overlap. It’s easy to jump from...

Project Management

What Makes an Effective PM?

Having an effective project manager is key to the success of your custom software project. Here Andrew goes over some skills every project manager...