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Project Management

What is Project Roadmapping?

Project roadmapping (previously called the Discovery Phase) is something that we talk about a lot because it is extremely valuable and important! It...

Project Management

Do You Need to be a Tech Expert to Build an App?

As always with any nuanced and thoughtful discussion, the answer to this question is, “It depends.” It depends on how you go about building an app....

Project Management

How to Be an Effective Product Owner

It actually took us many years to understand how vital this role was for the success of the project. For a long time, we thought we could handle it...

Project Management


While Lean has its origins in manufacturing, it can be applied to Software Development. There are many methodologies that can be used depending on...

Project Management


When I first joined Bixly, we were still a small start-up with just under a handful of active developers. Over the years, our team has expanded into...

Project Management

Why Prolance?

As a recruiter, I interact with plenty of developers who wonder whether they should pursue freelance positions, or consider a position where they can...