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Note: Django Static Files (django-staticfiles) has been included as a contrib app in django 1.3. However, for the most cutting edge features, and...


django-extensions: Like Shortcuts for Django

Like many good apps, django-extensions either adds minor functionality or simplifies something django was already capable of doing. Some built-in...


Going Beyond Django’s Registration

Here’s a Django tutorial on registration. Registration allows you to have users. A weak registration system puts your site at risk of spammers...



The need may arise for different versions of the same image to be used in different parts of your site. ImageKit is an app that takes care of...


How to add reCAPTCHA to your django forms

We use recaptcha to protect against bots. I will show you how to integrate Google’s reCAPTCHA with your django forms. Here are the steps to make it...



Let’s say you wanted to provide third-party application support for your web application. You’ll probably make an app that handles API calls, set up...



Search is an essential tool for any website, and is a feature often requested by both site owners and users. While the built-in Django QuerySet...