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App Development

Top 5 Tech Trends of 2022

Today Cris and Andrew highlight 5 tech trends that we are seeing in 2022 from blockchain to DevOps and security and green technology.

App Development

The Future of Blockchain

Today Cris and Cody debate the question where will blockchain be in the next 5 years? We have some controversial opinions to share. Where do you...


Upgrade Your DevOps

Implementing a robust DevOps department can be intimidating since DevOps can have broad cultural as well as business implications for your day-to-day...

Project Management

Making Data-Driven Decisions for Your Product

Using data to inform your decisions for maintaining and improving your app is key. The best way forward is listening to your customers and ensuring a...

Project Management

Avoid These 6 Startup Mistakes

In this episode, we highlight 6 mistakes that startups frequently make. Hear our advice on each of these issues, and know you’re not alone! Bixly...


6 Benefits of a Cloud IT Infrastructure

As promised, we are back with an episode all about the benefits of using a cloud infrastructure. If you missed our previous episode about having an...

All About Produce Tech

Produce audit apps are just one example of business process apps that help businesses save money and time, streamline processes, and capture valuable...

6 Benefits of an On-Site IT Infrastructure

There are specific circumstances under which having your servers and your whole IT infrastructure on-site is necessary. For those cases, there are a...

App Development

Don’t Miss These Trends in Retail Tech

Here are five tech trends we are seeing gaining traction in retail. Have you seen these trends? Did we miss any tech retail trends that you know of?...