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BeGreat: Using Simplicity to Enhance Efficacy

Since working with Bixly, the BeGreat app has pivoted to a new concept, however version one of the app is still a wonderful example of how a simple...


How to Tell If Your Dev Shop is Trustworthy

In our blog about determining if you should make an internal hire or work with a team like Bixly’s, we talked about how it can be challenging to...


How and Why to Make Your Own Wireframes

A process that we’ve referenced obliquely as part of our project road mapping process and in our blog about planning your kiosk software is creating...


Architecting Apps that Duplicate Human Processes

Bixly has recently been working on an app in the agricultural space that helps workers duplicate a process that was formerly done with good ol’ pen...

Project Management

How to Be an Effective Product Owner

It actually took us many years to understand how vital this role was for the success of the project. For a long time, we thought we could handle it...


In case you were wondering, Ionic is powerful!

We recently put the final touches on the latest version of a mobile app for famous Fortnite streamer, Squatingdog. His companion app for Battle...


Two Projects Shine in the Midst of Covid-19

While headlines have been filled with how Jeff Bezos is even MORE successful during shelter-in-place orders as a result of Covid-19, at Bixly we are...